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Tunnel kiln

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Tunnel kiln

The tunnel kiln is a flexible and innovative production facility in prefabricated Modular design with refractory lightweight brick or fibre lining, equipped with latest kiln control systems and kiln car tracking systems, for different fields of application and firing of:

  • Sanitary ware
  • Tableware and porcelain.
  • Roof tiles and accessories.
  • Clinker bricks and split tiles.
  • Cordierite-/vitrified clay pipes.
  • Technical ceramics.
  • Special applications

Technical Data

Kiln length up to 150 m
Setting width up to 5.5 m
Setting height up to 1.1 m
Firing temperature 800-1800°C
Fuel natural gas, liquid gas, others upon request
Firing Cycle 2 to 48 h, depending on application
Kiln insulation fibre, lightweight bricks or sandwich construction

Characteristics of tunnel kilns

  • modular design
  • low energy consumption due to optimized with best isolating properties and high quality refractory lining with best isolating properties and high quality refractory resistance ; lining alternatively with refractory lightweight bricks or as full fibre lining.
  • excellent firing results due to ideal temperature distribution.
  • powerful high velocity nozzle mixing burners.
  • regulation by means of process control system with remote control function.
  • kiln visualition system available in many different languages.
  • remote control and teleservice via modem connection.
  • minimum maintenance and not much personnel required
  • oxidising/reducing atmostphere and reduction or flashing with high reproducibiliy possible
  • kiln car transport system according to individual demands
  • kiln cars with lightweight insulation and kiln car superstructure