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Case Study

Kiln Car-Transport System

For Loading and Unloading of the car, Keramischer Ofenbau (KO) have developed Kiln Car Transport System. The kiln car transport system consists of the Automatic Transfer Car for transportation of the kiln car from one loading station/track to another track. Generally 3 to 4 tracks are required for the transportation of the kiln car. First track will be at the kiln entrance, second will be opposite to the kiln, third will be parallel to the kiln in front of scissor lift (required for loading/unloading of sanitaryware). Fourth will be opposite to the scissor lift track. For auto operation, the system should be in auto mode.

Kiln door must be locked at full open position confirmed by the feedback. Kiln car pneumatic sealing should be open to avoid any jerks and friction operator must check for any obstacle in kiln for car movement start to end position. All system cycles must be completed and turned off. No firing and cooling cycling should be running. All other track machines should be at halt/rest position and no operational movement of the cars should be initiated. Transfer car should be unlocked, now after checking all the feedbacks, the transfer car will move towards the storage track and the motorized pushing machine installed at the storage track will be activated and will move the empty kiln car towards transfer car for transportation to the scissor lift track. The transfer car with empty kiln car reaches to the scissor lift. The motorized pusher machine installed at the scissor lift track will unload kiln car from the transfer car onto the lift track. Again the pusher will load car onto the scissor lift for loading of the sanitaryware products.

Once the kiln car is loaded with the sanitaryware the motorized pusher will unload car from scissor lift and will load it on the transfer car. The transfer car will move after receiving the safety feedbacks. The transfer car once it reaches the near kiln door will set itself in line with door tracks and the safety lock/latch will lock the car into the fixed position. The motorized pusher will pull the car from the transfer car into inside the kiln and will keep it in the firing position. Same procedure will be repeated for remaining number of cars. Once the firing cycle is completed the kiln car unloading procedure will be repeated same as loading of cars.